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The BBC News recently reported the success of scientists at CERN in making and storing anti-matter. In the world as we know it, the world of matter, an atom of hydrogen consists of a positively charged proton surrounded by a negatively charged electron. In anti-matter a hydrogen atom has a negatively charge proton surrounded by a positively charged electron. If the two happen to meet, the one cancels the other out.

According to the theory of the Big Bang, at the beginning there were atoms of both matter and anti-matter. If they had all cancelled each other out there would have been no universe to exist at all: no matter! Apparently what scientists at CERN are trying to discover is why matter won.

The Newsreader concluded her report, summing up that scientists do not know why the universe is made of matter rather than anti-matter - or indeed, why the universe exists at all.

Why, oh why, can the BBC not acknowledge, anywhere in its schedules, that there are plenty of people, including plenty of scientists, who believe that the universe exists simply because God made it? No-one has any other ideas. It matters.


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