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The Bishop of Oxford has published an essay expressing his support for the blessing of same-sex marriages, and for a scheme of alternative epriscopal oversight for those clergy and parishes unable to accept this change. The cat is out of the bag: this is what the the House of Bishops have been working towards in their Living in Faith and Love programme, and it will come to the General Synod i n February.

If you want to know where I stand please watch the talk that I gave at a meeting of Witney Filling Station back in June (you may have to turn up the volume):

My greatest concern is the splits that this may cause or reveal in local congregations and the hurt that these will cause. But I guess it had to come to this, sooner or later.

May God be glorified in the end.

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Amanda Miles
Amanda Miles
Nov 04, 2022

Have you freinds who are gay or trans Martin? I know people who have taken their own lives because of their sexuality. We need to sit and listen to people.

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