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I may be the odd one out, but what I feel for Lucy Letby is only pity. I do not overlook the grief and pain that she has inflicted on the parents of the babies she killed. It is appalling to think of her quietly giving lethal injections to these new-born infants whom she was supposed to be nursing into life. It seems only natural to ask, what got into her?

The Bible tells us of ‘an evil spirit’ that entered King Saul and caused him to try to murder David, his most faithful warrior. I am not an expert on deliverance ministry, but I do believe that there are such things as evil spirits, and I can only think that Lucy Letby somehow became possessed by one that led her to do these terrible deeds. That would explain some of the notes in her diary about ‘being evil’ and feeling ‘Hate’, perhaps for herself or for the babies, or both. In which case she needs deliverance in the name of Jesus.

So, I pity her, and would pity her even were she herself solely responsible for the murder of these babies. What a terrible thing to have on your conscience for the rest of your life. And how terrible in your twenties to be condemned to face the rest of your life in prison, perhaps 60 years, the object of the world’s hatred.

Not only does Lucy Letby perhaps need deliverance from her demons, but she certainly needs the forgiveness of her sins that only Jesus can grant her. There is no sin or crime, so heinous and so awful, that Jesus cannot say to you or me or Lucy, “My loved one, I died for you, to take your place. Go in peace, your debt is paid, your sins are forgiven.” Such grace and mercy would not release Lucy from the punishment that she is suffering in prison here, but it would give her the hope of everlasting life in the world to come with all those whom Christ has redeemed. And, maybe, if she were sufficiently reformed and started a new life even here in prison, there might come a day when her case could be reviewed and she could be granted remission, even here on earth.

Meanwhile, we all do well to refrain from hatred and condemnation and find pity in our hearts for Lucy. Remember, we are all sinners in constant need of repentance and forgiveness, and if we ourselves hope to be forgiven Jesus makes it clear that we must be willing to forgive others, even the most dire criminals, even Lucy Letby, and pray for their salvation too.


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